TECHNO BUILD is considered a pioneer event in the Middle East region which offers a comprehensive technology spanning coverage for residential, commercial and industrial building sectors. ”


The Syrian International Marketing Association SIMA, was established as a pioneer company in organizing & equipping specialized exhibitions inside and outside Syria.

Our experience emanates from a deep knowledge of the national market with its historical and traditional values and requirements
Because of its highly qualified staff & great ability through its latest equipment and fittings,
“SIMA” has the latest & best exhibition equipment.
For the past few years, SIMA had the biggest share in equipping International & Local Exhibitions.


Syrian International Marketing Association SIMA consists of : (15) Administrative employee, including: Marketing staff, Engineers, Secretaries, Accountant, in addition to, workshops for construction works, including 30 Nos. persons of: workshops chief, assistants and workers.
SIMA has its own warehouses and workshops for executing the special works of any Exhibition inside Syria and abroad .


Syrian International Marketing Association – SIMA is owning a special installation for exhibitions, furnishing a booth area Of 7600 m2 with carpet, consists of : white and aluminum panels of (Octanorm) system .
Currently 3,2 of these installation are brand new and will be installed for the first time with its accessories of 1670 Nos. halogen Spot-Lights, 2000 Nos. shelves, 850 Nos. electrical plugs, 300Nos. tables of Octanorm type, 250 Nos. metallic white tables of German model,1400 Nos. leather chairs, in addition to other installation , such as :
Office – furniture of T.V., video CD/DVD sets, showcases , glass counters, removable sinks, gas cooker with removable electrical heater, advertising panels –Mobi- (lightened or un-lightened ) clothes hanger, folding and typical doors, waste bins for booth and corridors, lightened beautifying curves, corridors tents, flit frames ….etc. and other installation and fittings needed for exhibitions .

Latest News Electrical energy is considered an important element of contemporary life, the formation of the electrical plants and transmission and distribution networks are considered as one of the important fields of the countries and nations infrastructure
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Word of the CEO “Electrical energy is considered an important element of contemporary life, the of the electrical plants and transmission”
Mr.John Smith
About Sima In every sense the current stage of the Syrian economy is very attractive to call for foreign direct investment opportunities and to promote the private sector to contribute efficiently in the Syrian GDP.
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